Please play with headphones, or at the very least the sound turned on!


A Horror-esque Twine game, starring:

- Poly-Amorous Relationships

- Asexual Relationships (Note: Not mentioned in current version, will be mentioned as relevant in concurrent updates.

- Canonically Trans NPCs

- Canonically Non-Binary NPCs

- Openly Bisexual Characters

- Openly Gay Characters

- A Racially Diverse cast of NPCs

And quite a bit more.

Note: The Player Character is Canonically AFAB Trans-Masculine.  It affects your character a bit, but not much.


Nearly finished!

To ensure I've got it submitted before the end of the deadline, I've submitted it a bit early, with the idea that I can update it til then

I don't assume that I'll be DONE by then, but, hey, first game jam, so I'm content with it. 


Content Warning:

Possibly Problematic Subjects that you MIGHT stumble across in this game:

- Horror Elements
- Jump scares (Or, as close to a jump-scare as you can get in a twine game.)
- Psychological Manipulation
- Strong Language
- Unhealthy Relationships.
- Mentions of Violence
- Mentions of Drug/Alchohol Use
- Kidnapping
- Implied Rooofies
- Human Trafficing 
- Threatened Violence
- Actual Violence
- Misgendering (only by the antagonist(s) though)

 Email for a guide on how to avoid specific triggers within the game.  Warning: Not all can be avoided, and the guide will contain spoilers.


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With the Cyr/Jay plot, I couldn't figure out how to get past the keycode section without brute forcing it (trying every combo) but I may have missed something. Second playthrough I got stuck at the tarot cards but somebody has already mentioned that. A lot of the vars came up as broken, possibly because I already played through the game once? 

Hello! Sorry you had trouble. 

The tarot card elevator is a known bug in the code, meaning it is currently impossible to complete, and it will be fixed with the next update.

For clarification, Was the key-code puzzle too difficult, or just bugged as well? 

I got stuck on the section with the tarot cards because some of them didn't have the option to push a button. :( I couldn't do anything except hit the back button.

...I'll have to look into that... Must be a glitch of some sort.

Thanks for letting me know!


I absolutely loooove the writing in this game! It's difficult to pull off suspense, but it's found in abundance here. I will definitely be revisiting this interesting and diverse cast of characters.

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Thank you so much!

My goal is to have another substantial update ready by the first week of June, so keep your eyes peeled.